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Street racers: if you can’t fight them, Join them.
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Skrevet d. 16-07-2015 11:31
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Motorcycle street racers, or known as “Dek Waen” have been causing problems on streets in Thailand.

Over teenagers gather at night and use public roads to race.

Their activities endanger the lives of innocent people.

They also cause noise pollution.

The street racing has long become one of Thailand’s social problems.

Young racers sometimes gamble on their races and some are drug abusers.

Police unsuccessfully have tried to cope with them.

Checkpoints have been set up from midnight to 6am.

But Dek Waen groups still defy the authorities.

On the youth side, they just want to show off their powerful engines.

Racing can also boost their self-esteems, said an expert.

A new solution is to provide them with the racing space.

The authorities joined hands with the private sector to set up racing circuits for Dek Waen.

Some of them now race on proper circuit s instead of streets.

One of the initiatives called IRC DRC Live for Life has claimed a certain success.

The project’s organiser invites the private sector to spare their space for the racers.

The military also gives its land in the provincial camp for the races.

The recent race witnessed by our reporter was held in Prachin Burin province.

The youngsters are encouraged to show off their powerful engines at proper venues.

Those who are impressed with facilities and safety control have persuaded their racing fellows to join.

IRD DRC project’s organiser hopes that street racing will vanish after the availability of circuits.

They believe the youngsters want to express themselves and they should be provided with proper venues.
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Skrevet d. 24-08-2018 06:36
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fint nok de får et sted hvor de kan lege, de offentlige veje er jo ikke racerbaner
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Skrevet d. 16-07-2019 13:56
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egon skrev:
fint nok de får et sted hvor de kan lege, de offentlige veje er jo ikke racerbaner

det er jeg nu ikke så sikker på, efter at have set denne video

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